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Main Rules of the Virtual Brazilian AirForce (FABv)

The Virtual Brazilian AirForce (FABv) is a SOG (Special Operation Group) designed to simulate the activities of the Brazilian Air Force in IVAO virtual environment . We do not own or keep any kind of relationship with the real Brazilian Air Force and the our main purpose concerns to entertainment.

1. Anyone with an IVAO account can sign up as a pilot of FABv. You should be able to provide all required data which will be checked for accuracy prior to acceptance.

2 . The FABv make the choice for their operations in flight online using the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 , X and X -Plane on the IVAO network and the most modern and realistic combat simulators available.

3 . All newly enrolled member starts his military career as a Cadet and continues uprising, according to their accumulated experience within FABv.

4 . The FABv maintains a forum where members can use to exchange information and to enter into direct contact with the management team . We ask that all riders are courteous and polite , always maintaining respect for diversity and third party opinions.

5 . Any pilot can be unenrolled from FABv at any time without further explanation of their reasons.

6 . Any pilot may have rejected , blocked your flight or be excluded from the ranks of FABv for indiscipline by operating non- commitment to group standards and behavior that meets the desired parameters , according to our convenience .

7 . We value respect , the operational hierarchy and seriousness when it comes to simulate the operations of the Brazilian Air Force "as real as it gets" . If this is not your goal , we encourage you to seek other alternatives most appropriate to their level of simulation.



Welcome to the Virtual Brazilian AirForce Academy

This is the Virtual Aviator Training Course - CFOAv

IVAO mininum required hours: 100 HOURS

IVAO minimum required rating: FS3

To go further with your registration, please download TeamSpeak 3 and connect at thw address under the nickname Cadet [your name here] and ask for your registration providing your full name, email, and IVAO VID, for one of our coordinators / monitors which will know how to guide and help you during your entire registration proccess and also your stay/flights here in FABv.



After your registration - How to configure your SYSFABv Client and make your first flight

Do download the client kAcars SYSFABv (needs registered FSUIPC for FS9 and FSX ) the link : http://www.4shared.com/zip/6ia_Lwuy/SISFABv.html

You must configure the SYSFABv to run as Administrator , by clicking the right mouse button on the icon that will be installed on the desktop and select Properties / Compatibility and select the Run this program as an administrator box then Apply and OK

Configure options SYSFABv (in Info / Settings , within the program ) and complete the fields as follows : - Pilot ID will FABXXXX ( your registration number in the system ) and password the password registered .

Check the Flight Search box # so you can select direct flight via their number through the Data / Flight Number field ( in PIREP tab) where the flight number in FABxxxxxxxx format should be typed ( to see the number of flights in Schedule tab , try changing the flight departing Aiport and clicking Search ( there will be a name to be added after the FAB ) or visit Operations / Pilot Center and the options on the left , click View flight Schedules and search for flight desired)

Check the box Auto Chat Log In case you want to use chat ( Online tab )

In Fuel Display tick the unit of measurement of mass you prefer

Do not modify the URLBase and Browser URL fields !

The flight that was chosen will be loaded so you can connect to FS and start it . Finalize the flight clicking Stop Flight and then File PIREP .

Ready, the flight will be sent to the DB FABv and if everything is correct , the flight and the hours will be validated .


IVAO Pilot List

Format: (VA_Reg:VID:Name)

BRS0001:173950:Cesar Amaral

BRS0002:258711:Lucas Risali

BRS0003:196878:Clicio Lopes

BRS0004:195158:Higor Fonseca

BRS0005:309584:Marcos Milhomens

BRS0006:294893:Matheus Habitzreuter

BRS0007:237151:Flavio Blanco

BRS0008:361377:Aluizio Marcos da Silva Gomes

BRS0009:274956:Adilson Silva de Oliveira

BRS0010:273084:Clarckson Brito

BRS0011:169435:Leonardo Uzeda

BRS0012:206728:Alexandre de Abreu Gomes

BRS0013:261421:Marcio Alexandre Rodriguez de Rodriguez

BRS0014:272673:Jose Alberto Camacho


BRS0016:351096:Marcos Felipe da Cunha

BRS0017:238262:Filoceno Amancio Carvalho

BRS0021:325885:Petherson Ramos

BRS0024:267202:Washington Siqueira

BRS0025:214322:Gabriel Chies Borba

BRS0027:114839:Daniel Rio Tinto

BRS0032:236600:Wander Bastos

BRS0034:206997:Rogerio Pereira da Silva

BRS0036:336420:Gilberto Schunck

BRS0046:322616:Hermany Simonato

BRS0047:277505:Rodrigo Luna de Sa Siqueira

BRS0049:126944:Francisco Nassif Fortes

BRS0066:347442:Rodrigo Oliveira Acioli Lins

BRS0107:333175:Johnler Gomes Maia

BRS0108:363120:Rafael Capaverde Santos

BRS0116:245886:Joao Carlos Valentim Veiga Junior

BRS0144:326625:Valtair Oliveira

BRS0148:361360:Leandro Fernandes Silva

BRS0162:353367:Osmar do Prado Junior

BRS0166:404693:Eduardo Evaristo

BRS0174:375739:Denis Gabriel Jacome Silva

BRS0194:364692:Marcel Roger Rodrigues Sales

BRS0215:386886:Jose Hamilton Araujo Passos Junior

BRS0220:371574:Matheus Brunn

BRS9020:304126:Cleyton Victor

BRS9028:317537:Pedro Guilherme Castilho Tortello


Check our Operational Pilot Roster here - http://www.virtualvarig.org/phpvmsfabv/index.php/pilots

Check our Operational System, last flights and new pilots here: http://www.virtualvarig.org/phpvmsfabv/index.php/

Find our forum here: http://virtualvarig.org/forumfabv/


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